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Apr. 23rd, 2005 @ 10:56 pm (no subject)
感じ: tiredtired
Just got back from many things. -.-'' I was almost late for Jappy exam this morning. The paper was horrible and i was planning to leave early but i took up the full hour. My two classmates sitting on either side were stressed out too(i think). Funny thing was, five minutes before we had to submit the paper, the three of us packed our stationery together, stood up together, and left the class together. It was so hilarious. Well, it was at that moment. -.-'' I just hope the teacher doesn't think that we cheated or something. As long as we don't have the exact same grades. =/

Then I met Lene for lunch, we had sushi(yay!). There was this sale all over the place, so we went grabbing and ended up with a big bag of clothes. We lugged that to town and went through Kino, where Lene bought comics, before rushing to the studio. I totally forgot that tomorrow was Open House, so we had to stayback after class and practice more. I am SO going to be a walking Adidas advertisement tomorrow. Full Adidas gear from head to toe. How hiphop can you get? .........

Oh. And i got my Playboy lipstick. Squeeee! XD
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