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Feb. 6th, 2005 @ 10:14 pm And school starts in two weeks =(
感じ: sleepysleepy
音楽: Dir en grey - Jesus Christ RnR
I managed to catch Finding Neverland with Lene after jappy class yesterday. Halfway through, i started crying. And crying. And crying non-stop even as the credits rolled. Somehow i was glad to see the rest of the audience still teary and holding used tissues. Johnny Depp. <3

Then i got a call from Kinokuniya this afternoon just when i was about to take a nap. >_< So i got up and went over to my desk and did some jappy homework(!!!) before going back to bed. I think i didn't know what i was doing. =/ But now i have the Diru UV special in my hands! The Prophet smiles! *melts into puddle and swishes away*


He's silly in the interviews. Oh and i don't like the magazine itself. It's prone to fingerprints and scratches. So i have to be extra suber uper careful and not touch the covers when i go through the pages. *mutter*

Okay. Back to Sims2. <3
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